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Clinpak is an International business development practice focused on the development, marketing, and delivery of products, technology, and services in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology OTC and cosmetic arenas. Clinpak was founded in 2009 by industry veterans with over 20 years experience in pharmaceutical development contract services (Business Development, Analytical Support, Quality Assurance/Regulatory, and Technology and Licensing) Clinpak provides professional and responsive management of the client vendor relationship  by ensuring the appropriate CMC advice and services are delivered consistent with the clients' objectives.

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Strategic partnerships are an integral part of Clinpak Technologies growth strategy. We desire collaboration, and focus on developing and building strong relationships and alliances. Clinpak is a dynamic and visionary company, and we are seeking to  develop new relationships. Clinpak is always looking for partnerships within specific facets of the pharmaceutical industry (specialty pharma and generic). We are looking for new relationships where we can utilize our technical expertise to develop and manufacture prescription products. We are also  interested in product acquisitions, the licensing of ANDA’s, and cooperative product development ventures. Clinpak has offices in US and UK.

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From Concept to Commericalization - your path to market

Product identification - API - Formulation - eCTD - Submission - Approval - Process Development - Launch - Revenue.

Clinpak’s expertise is delivered strategically, or operationally on a case-by -case basis as partner, advisor, or CMO and can start and stop at any point along your path to market, depending on your business model, resources and current stage of development.

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